stitch ya neck out: August 2005

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

more leaves are falling

It's not true that all I do is spend time prodding a particular Geek that I work with. I'm still plugging away at Grumperina 's scarf.


How appropriate that it's a falling leaves pattern, as it feels like summer has just evaporated. It's still dark when I get up to get ready to work...

I'm still loving this pattern and I'm still not bored... yet.. and working both ends together means, I don't have to count repeats...

When I get to the graft part, I'm going to need A LOT of support. How does one go about grafting this thing together?

Winnie's shrug

Since so many people are making the Turtleneck Shrug for their pals, and since I'd be a fool to think you all read my blog, I thought I better cross-post some info over here about my own progress, on the shrug for Winnie.

I have finished the first sleeve and shoulder, and I have about 4" on the second sleeve done so far. Winnie picked a wonderful yarn that is just a tiny bit tricky sometimes.

The most difficult thing for me so far was binding off for the underarm in a neat fashion, and this probably has a lot to do with the fact that I decided to use a 12" Addi Turbo circular. Addis are generally not my favorite needle brand but I couldn't find any other 12" needles at the time, and I was *not* doing all that ribbing on DPNs!

So, my saga of getting that underarm and shoulder just right:

-First I made the switch to DPNs for the underarm bindoff (including one needle a couple sizes larger to keep the BOs from being too tight)

-Then I went back to the 12″ for the decrease rows (where the sleeve is still a "C" shape and not easily knit flat)

-Then back to only two dpns, with needle caps on them as you see in the photo, for the rest of the shoulder. Phew.

As a continental knitter (yarn in left hand) I like knitting on circulars most of the time, but every now and then when I have a small enough piece I'll take two DPNs and put rubber needle caps on their ends, and knit on those like regular straight needles. Then I'm not poking myself or my cat or anybody else nearby!

That's all for now.

Slowly but surely

I've been making some progress (in between packing boxes to move) on the Turtleneck Shrug for Hillary - I'm up to my elbow now :) I wish I had pictures to post, but you'll have to take my word that it's turning out nicely! I love the yarn too! I can see that I'll have to buy some myself...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Green Leaves

Yesterday I cast on for Backyard Leaves for Blossom. I was a little nervous in the beginning, but this is a really fun pattern and I'm already addicted. I think it will be a fairly quick knit and it's very satisfying to see the leaves develop. Here's what I have after an hour or so of knitting.

Monday, August 29, 2005

turtleneck shrug, wip shot #1

Here's the beginning of Mary's Turtleneck Shrug. So far it's been easy, fun knitting and I love the yarn. The color in the photo is pretty true though in reality it is a bit darker.

Pure soft luciousness

I received the gorgeous Prime Alpaca from Diana a few weeks ago and have been stroking it ever since. Even the husband has been told that he needed to stroke the yarn to see how soft it is. He agreed that it is extraordinarily soft. This is in fact just a ploy, as I shall be using it as an excuse for buying some of this yarn for myself some time soon in the future.

It is a real pleasure to knit with which probably explains why I have been racing up the first sleeve.
Trust me, if you could touch this, you would be oohhing and ahhing too. What am I making? The Turtleneck shrug of course. I am hoping that it comes out really well as I really want to do justice to this yarn.

Oh, and as Kris told me when I asked, you don't really need a 30cm circular to do this, it works just fine on a 40cm and based on my previous use of 30cm circulars for another project, the 40cm ones hurt the hands a lot less too.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yarn, and Cat Candy!

(reposted from Autumn Sweater)

Look what came in the mail on Friday...

It's Kat's yarn all the way from Tokyo!! Manos Cotton Stria in a yummy red...and in the best possible world of SYNO pairings, Kat requested Ruffles, which I wanted to knit, but knew wasn't my personal style. Yippee!

There were 4 balls of yarn in the package, but one made it's way into my bag with some needles before the photo was taken. But wait...look at the cool stickers and cat tattoos and, get this, candy with samarai cats on the packaging. I think they just hopped off their motorcycle. Let's just have a close up and savor it, shall we?


That just made my week!! Thanks Kat!

As for the knitting... I have started a few different times on this. The #6 needles per the pattern resulted in sort of floppy ruffles, so I tried #5 needles with four extra stitches, resulting in ruffles that were too wide. I'm now following the pattern as written on the #5 needles, and I think we have a winner. There's not too much to see yet, but I am hopping on a plane in a few hours, so I'll post photos of progress soon.

Misty 3...

No pics tonight as my crappy phone camera only takes pics in broad daylight but I can tell you I am on the third ball of Misty Garden* Just had to tell someone who would at least vaguely 'get' what I am saying here :-)
Wow, she does indeed look long and luxurious* Don't worry Michele, she will be home with you soon** Today 'she' went off to the mountains for a healing ceremony and so is now truly blessed with lots of positive vibes*
Blessings all and hope all yarn and ptotential scarves are now safely with their owners, Leola, have my yarn babies arrived safely? I DO hope so**
BTW, I hear Wrap Style is out in the US, perhaps that is the next SYSO (Stick Ya Shoulders Out).
Can anyone tell me if it is as amazing as Scarf Style?

Yarn in the Mail

What can be better? This week I recieved my SYNO package and I'll be knitting for Heidi! Fun fun making Midwest Moonlight in some lovely wool. No pics yet as I am not at ease with the blogging....ahem.
I must say that I hadn't taken too much notice of this pattern when I first purchased Scarf Style, but the more I keep going back to it now, and it looks better all the time. I think it will be fab in Heidi's beautiful multi-tone wool.
Photos to follow if ever I can haul myself into the 21st century long enough to figure it all out.

Friday, August 26, 2005

a turtleneck shrug for mamie

Sorry for the absence of photos, but I wanted to get the word out: I received my yarn from Mary today! It's a gorgeous burgundy Kid Classic for the turtleneck shrug. I'm very excited to be knitting this pattern (it was the one I was secretly hoping for) in this yarn. I'm a Rowan virgin.

Road tripping this weekend... will definitely have progress photos to post on Monday.

Farewell, Miss Leaves

Sadly, it is time for the darling Miss Leaves to depart our fair antipodean land for her ultimate destiny, Sonya, in Florida.
During her time in Australia, she was the darling of the Sydney scene - attracting attention everywhere she went.
To mark her farewell, Miss Leaves attended a final photo shoot so that her local friends will have something to remember her by.
Here she is seen warming herself in a glorious late winter bath of sunlight.

And here she has agreed to pose for a closeup with an Aussie icon, the weber barbecue.

This Backyard Leaves scarf was made in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and it was a dream to work with. I really hope Sonya likes it, and that she has a chance to wear it sometime!

More photos of Miss Leaves and her younger sister (in Noro Silk Garden - I had to start a second one in order to bear parting with this one) are here.

green & black, camel and sparkle!

classic kid camel and kidsilk night

i finally got my SYNO from the very lovely and talented amelia raitte (aka anna) from london! i was so happy to receive them. ok, actually, there were also some green & black chocolate in the package but i'm eating them right now, so no pictures! first time with organic chocolate.. yum!

i will be making the turtleneck shrug for anna and they will be in the caramel color classic kid. i've always wanted to work with this yarn, so can't wait to start!!

you know the best part is... the sparkly kidsilk night from rowan. for me! and a lovely pin. i can see these turn into a lacy shawl for a romantic evening with my husband, or a glamorous cocktail night with girls! how exciting!

thanks anna! i hope you'll like my knitting and the shrug i'm about to stitch out for you!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


[no title]

I...I...I....I'm speechless! Scarf Swap pal Miri has full-on blown my mind with the arrival of her scarf yarn. A package so filled with treats--personalized--treats, no-less, words alone can't do it justice.  

Unwrapped package   
: gasp!! : Blue Sky ALPACA!
Tucked away in the corners: lemon and verbena products!

Miri, thanks a million for your thoughtfulness.  I love the yarn, and the pattern you've chosen.  I've been thinking of the Forbes Forest scarf a lot lately, and am more than a bit excited to knit this up for you.  Let the swap begin!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My yarn is here!

Typically on the one day my husband decides to take the camera with him to work, my exchange yarn arrives. So, you will have to settle with a verbal account this time. :)

My package came from the UK, from Polly of All Tangled Up. There are 5 balls of Furlana (80% Merino, 20% Possum fur) in a beautiful dark green. I get to knit in my favourite colour, yay! :) The yarn was packed in a plastic zippered Simply knitting -container, which is lucky for the yarn as my 1-year-old was very interested in the package. (She hasn't quite figured out zippers yet so the yarn stayed safe and dry.) There was also a tube of Jaffa cookies. I didn't even eat those right away, but put them away in the kitchen cupboard like a good girl.

Polly wrote that she had initially planned to ask me to knit Forbes Forest, but that the metrage of the yarn she had wasn't enough. So, I get to decide what to make all by myself. I'll have to dive into my knitting library to see what I find. This will be fun! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Thanks so much Miss Twiss for my fantastic package! It has arrived safe and sound here in Tokyo, Japan all the way from Ottawa, Canada. I have already blogged about my fantastic package, so you can read ALL about it here!

Here's the yummy Rowan yarn for the turtleneck shrug:

Hey Michele, Mist is here.....

Hey there Guys,
Well, I am sorry the photos are SO lame but I only have my camera phone and figured they were better than nothing...
Here Michele, (& all), this is the progress so far*Almost half way through my second ball so almost half way through, wwoohhhooooo. Misty is a great knit to take on my travels so she has been mostly all round Melbourne on my way to work, on the way home, to SnB meets, up to the mountains - ALL over* I hadn't worked with Feather & Fan before and while it is challenging with all the mohair fuzz and the like I think the dappled effect of the pattern is awesomely cool.
Will of course keep y'all posted but in the meantime, enjoy these teeny photos though NONE of these REALLY show the colour off.

I am REALLY enjoying reading all the knit journey's and seeing the emergence of these WONDERFUL creations, wwwooohhhhooooooo

Monday, August 22, 2005

I Posted this on my blog but totally forgot about posting it here, so here goes.

Mr Parcel guy left this on my doorstep

A cute card, some cinnamon kitchen soap from Denali Dreams (Rosa has obviously been reading my blog!), 6 beautiful handmade stitch markers in my favourite colour - green (and blue's)! And the most important part of the package, 650 yds of hand painted silk/merino blend from Raven Frog Fiber Arts in Sitka, Alaska. It came with a lovely note about the colour:

Stormy Seas - One blustery Sitka day I sat in my car at the grocery store and stared out to sea at the storm. After several minutes i saw what it was that held me transfixed. It was the juxtaposition of the colors against the scene i saw. The colors were quite monochromatic-grays, bluish grays and white-and not colors associated with "high energy". But the energy I was witnessing was intense and undeniable. The waves crashing against the rocks, gusting winds, white caps and huge swells embodied immeasurable power. I looked out at just the colors and they were actually restful. I looked at the scene and it was violent and powerful. I thought of what a different feeling those "restful" colors would invoke to someone out on a boat in the middle of that storm. Everyone else looks at this yarn and sees peaceful. I see the stormy seas.

I'm knitting the Midwest Moonlight scarf for Rosa and will post my progress when there's a bit more progress!

Pasta Fusili!

As soon as the yarn is knitted up, this scarf will be traveling back to Espoo, Finland. It really is amazing how fast this little scarf is growing. I was sent a fantastic 3 skeins of silk and merino yarn. It is wonderful to work with and has a subtle sheen. I now know what short rows are!

Should you be wondering where your yarn is ...

That probably means that you are knitting for me. Sorry, ever the procrastinator... The yarn is definitely in the post and don't worry about an end of October finish because it doesn't get cold enough to wear scarves until about December.

Now, I might be bad about sending out yarn, but I am good about my other knitting obligations... lookie here, I've started Grumperina 's scarf.


I'm starting to worry about blocking this yarn. I have nightmares, that the ends will curl like mad. Has anyone wet block Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino before and have recommendations?

here, there, and everywhere

last week my swap yarn arrived after its trip all the way from canada to norway:

thanks, morgan! i am going to knit her the here and there cables scarf with this lovely reynolds' odyssey. because of some hand trouble i haven't swatched or anything yet, but i keep squeezing and smelling it and it feels lovely. looking forward to it! i am going on holiday soon and plan to work on it there.

morgan also sent me the most gorgeous koigu to make socks! ah, to be living in the land of koigu ... i just might have to knit some socks on my hols as well.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Unable to resist the lure of new yarn...

I cast on for Alana's Wavy scarf last night while watching Sin City. This is definitely a pattern that requires you to keep track of the rows, so trusty Clover Ka-Cha in hand, I set off and finished the first pattern repeat.

It's a really fun pattern, and I'm enjoying seeing the wavy ribs emerge!


My yarn arrived - my camera is hiding

And because I've been slightly sleepy I posted this to my blog 5 days ago and only just now noticed that I hadn't put it up here! Bother!!

I got my yarn for Stitch Ya Neck Out. It's 6 balls of Jaeger Matchmaker in color 900, mocha, with which to make Forbes Forest. I'm slightly intimidated by the cables and bobbles. One of the blog posts had a suggestion for changing the bobbles and I'll probably try it out on my swatch, but I'm not sure, I might just do it as written.
My lovely victim... er.. partner (did I guess who you are correctly?) also sent me a skein of Rowan Summer Tweed in the completely over the top pink that is color 528. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I'm sure it'll be fun when I figure it out.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I love getting yarn in the mail!

I got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday - all the way from Canada. I am sooo lucky because Alana is a darling and I cannot wait to cast on for her scarf. She sent me a P.G. Wodehouse book and some wonderful toffee (which is not pictured below because I am a piggy and yes I have already eaten a good portion of it - oink, oink). I'll be making the Wavy Scarf from for her out of the most lovely Galway Irish knitting wool. I love the color!
My 26th birthday is Tuesday, so this weekend will be spent doing birthday stuff - but I hope to cast on sometime Sunday!


Houston...the Yarn Has Landed

Is there really anything better than coming home from a long day of work to find a package of beautiful Rowan Kid Classic at your doorstep? I think not!

My scarf yarn came in the mail yesterday from the lovely Gabby in Carbondale, IL. For any of you who aren't too familiar with the Midwest U.S., Carbondale and St. Louis are actually pretty close to each other, so Gabby and I might win the prize for swappers who are closest to each other. Er...if there's actually a prize for that, that is.

Anyhow, I will be knitting Teva Durham's Turtleneck Shrug for Gabby. I'm totally excited about it, because it's a pattern that I've wanted to try out for myself sometime this winter. And let me tell you, she picked out the most beautiful wine color. My crappy camera and photography skills do not do this yarn justice. Gabby's such a sweetie that she also sent me some Dove chocolates. They were so delicious, in fact, that they were gone within a half hour of opening the package. Yeah, it was one of those days. Oh, and I was kind of out of it when I took this picture and I forgot to take one of the balls of Kid Classic out of the mailer. There really are four. Doh!

I'm hoping to cast on for this tomorrow. My husband and I are moving in three weeks, so I want to get a good start on this project before packing overtakes my life! God knows packing the yarn stash will be bad enough!

Happy knitting!

Just Checking

I have been tracking down who's received their packages and reading up on the progresses of the scarves on this swap. I haven't received my package yet, and it's making me just a wee bit nervous. Well, anyone else on the same boat with me? I have heard from my pal that I should be expecting a package next week, so I know for sure that I'll be casting on as soon as the package arrives. The suspense on finding out who I will be knitting for is killing me (j/k!) I would hate to miss the deadline to send out the scarf. Anyone else still waiting for their packages too?
P.S. No hard feelings, swap pal :D

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Miss Leaves is ready for her photo shoot

Here are a couple of photos of Sonya's Backyard Leaves in progress. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino - it is lovely to work with (my first time ever with a Debbie Bliss product!) and creates a springy, bouncy, leafy scarf. One of the unexpected fun things about this swap is that, in addition to using a yarn I wouldn't normally choose, I am also getting to knit with a colour that I wouldn't normally choose. Every time I take the scarf out of my knitting bag, I get a pleasant surprise - the colour is sort of a steely greeny khaki, always different to how I remember it from the last time I put it away.

I am working both halves of the scarf at the same time. This means things seem to be moving along quickly, and it also gives me the challenge of trying to remember for the second half what I did on the first half in the same row. (Don't worry Sonya, I don't usually trust my holey short term memory and always end up checking back with the pattern!) I have done 6 of the 11 repeats and still have a little more than half the yarn left over, so I might get 12 pattern repeats in there if I'm lucky!

Here, Miss B. Leaves is seen lounging poolside (I have started acclimating her for her future home in Florida):

Here, Miss B. Leaves is seen with Sydney's famous skyline in the background. Yes, the top of one of the Opera House sails IS visible in this photo, you will just have to take my word for it!

I think I will have to make a Backyard Leaves for myself once I'm finished with this one. (It's the only way I'll be able to part with it and mail it back to its rightful owner!)


Another Turtleneck Shrug!

Today's mail brought a package from Wyoming: the yarn for Stephanie's Turtleneck Shrug. The yarn is Jo Sharp Aran Tweed
in Bark. I Think it will be very nice to work with. The timeing on this is great, as I just finished another project last night, and am ready to start something new.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Turtleneck Shrug!!

Hillary - your yarn has arrived! (Sorry that I had to steal the picture from your blog!) I've never worked with Rowan before, I'm really looking forward to it (I've never been a seasonal knitter anyways - so don't worry about wool in CA) As soon as I get my camera back I'll be sure to take some pictures! I'm looking forward to working on this - almost asked for one myself :)
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Late to the party

Well, more late with posting about it than sending it off.

I picked Branching Out from Knitty, done in some Silky Wool, which I think is a lovely yarn.

Here's the package I sent off about a week ago. I hope it arrives soon!


Monday, August 15, 2005

Slowly but surely

Gina's VV after 2 repeats... only about 18 more repeats to go!!! ;) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 14, 2005

More yarn

... and here is the yarn that will go off to a lovely place to become Here and There Cables :-) Sorry it took me a bit longer to get the yarn!

Cashmerino Leaves!!

x-posted to Stitch and Kvetch:

I was thrilled to read that I was going to do lacework for my SYNO pal - and with such gorgeous yarn! I've never seen any Debbie Bliss in local shops (not sure it's sold in Germany, except online), and cashmerino is oh-so-soft! :-)

I was to knit a Backyard Leaves scarf for Leanne, so I went to look for my copy of Scarf Style to get into the pattern and start a swatch. And then I freaked - I realised I had no idea how to read the lace chart, it looked completely different from what I was used to! First of all, was I to read the chart left-to-right or right-to-left? Where to begin? And how come the second row showed two additional stitches I didn't see anywhere in the previous row?
An hour later, I'd found answers to all my questions - gotta love Google :-))

1) I'm left-handed, so I need to read the rows in the opposite direction from most people. Odd rows (1; 3; 5) are knit left-to-right!
2) The additional two stitches account for the two yarnovers in the second row - somehow I'd assumed increases wouldn't show up as boxes on the chart until the following row ...
3) It really is a good idea to practise the selvedge beforehand - it took a few minutes to wrap my mind around it but once I realised it's *dead simple* I could race ahead, and it really does come in handy to have the selvedge pattern down pat so you can concentrate on the actual leaf pattern!

Now it's soo much fun, and I can't wait to get started for real! I'll finish Mam's Lauralund, and then I might start Backyard Leaves at the same time as my cardi - one lots of fun, the other reliable TV knitting fodder :-)

Thank you so much, Leanne!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Play Misty for me....

Woooohooooo, the yarn arrived my my knit pal Michele and I am knitting Misty Garden in the glorious Jo Sharp Mohair. I dutifully did a swatch and am considering downsizing my needle just to guarantee a long scarf but the gauge was pretty spot on (though how you can measure properly in a feather/fan stitch when it is all wavy I don't know - will upload a pic of my swatch tomorrow.
I hadn't ever done feather & fan till now so it is a joyous introduction, will start the scarf actual tomorrow, yiiipppeeee** Michele was kind enough to gift me some Opal Yarn (how DID she know I am terrified of sock knitting and could avoid up until now ;-) ), some divine stitch markers made by her sister and a beautiful self portrait card. Of course, I *DEFINITELY* don't need bribery to knit in this luscious 'me' colour but it helps .
I promise Michele I am going to do a FAB job and you will ADORE your new baby*
Am REALLY enjoying hearing about all the yarn arrivals and beginnings hear. Secret Pal, if you have received my yarn please can you let me know, I asked them to put a note in it but they might not have......
Sneak a peek at the parcel I received from Michele above.........

Friday, August 12, 2005

Not least

at last my package is ready to send... the yarn for a Turtleneck Shrug, plus some sweeteners to make up for all that brown ribbing.


Thursday, August 11, 2005



Look what was in my mailbox yesterday!

Two skeins of Cascade 220 in Lichen, a lovely heathered green. I'll be knitting Backyard Leaves for Kate, which I'm most excited about. Kate sent some lovely star-shaped stitch markers along with the yarn, which is lucky because a pattern read-through tells me I'll need them. Thank you, Kate!

Kate is in Santa Monica, which makes me homesick even though I've never lived there. According to her return address label, she lives on the same street as Wildfiber, one of my favourite yarn stores. She is three streets away from a close friend, and close by the transmitter of KCRW, a wonderful radio station that I'm happy to be able to stream on the web. She lives in a neighbourhood where you can't help but run into Gwyneth at yoga. And to think a number of SYNO LA people have been complaining about not living in an exotic locale!

[Disclaimer: Kate might want to stop reading right here, because I'm about to make some embarassing confessions, and, well, she may not need the worry right now.]

1. I am a slow knitter. If a friend wants baby booties for her newborn, she better tell me the moment she sees that blue line. I don't understand how people like fluffa! do it: it seems she finshes a new garment every second week. I have to say that I'm quite nervous about knitting to a deadline, even a loose one like October. I'll do my best, I promise, but I have to say that I'm glad I'm knitting for someone in Southern California, and not the upper Midwest. (Or Alaska!) It might still be summer, but those people will be needing their scarves pronto.

2. Other than a brush with intarsia in the mid-eighties, I've never used a chart. In fact, I don't know how. Do I knit left to right? Or do I alternate: left to right, right to left, left to right etc. up the chart? If you are still reading Kate, don't worry, I'll find out. And, oh, hell, what do those coloured-in "no stitch" boxes mean? No need to get alarmed everyone, there's an unpacked box here somewhere marked Knitting Books. Now, if I could only find it..... October isn't far away!


Another late bloomer!

Hey y'all! I'm another knitter just getting around to sending my yarn off. It came in Monday and I mailed it off today to St. Louis, MO, just over two hours away from me in the exotic locale of Herrin, IL. I picked the turtleneck shrug and bought the yarn called for in the pattern - I know, totally unoriginal! But, I've always wanted to have something made out of Rowan Kid Classic and just look at this gorgeous color!

My Stitch Ya Neck Out pal is in Chicago this weekend for Stitches Midwest (isn't she a lucky gal!), but she knows the yarn should be there when she gets back.
Happy knitting to everyone, and I can't wait til my yarn arrives!


Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Woo! Today I received the package from the person I will be knitting for... it's Carolyn! I tend to babble, so I left the details on my site. Boy, that Australia post moves fast!


My SYNO Update

My SYNO update:
I really wanted to get a local yarn, something Canadian but I broke down and settled for a Rowan yarn. It is a lovely yarn. For support and advice, I brought less than half of my female family along for the experience.
I found enough yardage for my project in two choices. One in rust and the other in grey-blue. Mom was routing for the rust, "Do you remember when grey was a colour?" Apparently she doesn't think grey is a colour. I had to remind her it was the colour of my eyes, that I had nothing to do with it and it was 50% her doing my eyes are not a colour of her liking. I brought the five balls to the cash, "It's G R E Y ! Aack! It's the colour of men's work pants".
When I got home contacted my girl. And promised I would post the precious yarn soon. Probably in the morning. I was going to pop it in the mail today but I forgot a major treat that is absolutely necessary for her to get, to thank her in advance for knitting my thing.
It is really fun to spoil swap partners.

So Exciting Sisters*

Hi Guys,

Don't have any other news to report but going to check my P.O. BOX tomorrow to see if there is any yarn for me* I just wanted to say how SUPER exciting it is to see everyone's yarn and beginnings and I can't WAIT to get going* We are all SOOOOO lucky to be in this fab exchange, SO hard to choose ANY of the scarf style patterns. We might have to have another exchange later when wrap style comes out methinks*
Can't WAIT to see what wonder I will be creating*
Blessings to all

another forbes forest!

after a short delay, my yarn was sent off today along with a little thank-you gift. happily, my syno person lives nearby so she should get it really soon.

originally, i was trying to find a bright color for this scarf but i found this yarn 35% off and the color has such a nice sheen to it, sp who was i to resist? ;)

also, i got an email from the syno person who's sending me yarn, and it should arrive in a few days too, yay. can't wait to start!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Well, lookie at what I got!

I received a package from Australia today, and inside was some Australian Cleckheaton yarn and Australian loose tea from my Australian SYNO pal, Meg! Hi, Meg!

Meg has asked me to knit Forbes Forest for her from Scarf Style, and I’m more than happy to oblige! You see, I secretly wanted to knit either Forbes Forest or Misty Garden or Midwest Moonlight… and so it happened! Thank you, Meg! This is a great pattern for me to knit because while I love the challenge of this type of cable- and bobble-intensive pattern (no serious TV-watching while knitting this!), it’s not a scarf I would wear myself. If not for this exchange, I would have never knit this!

Needless to say, I immediately cast on:

I’m just lovin’ it so far. I’m not far along, but I’m already familiar enough with the pattern to be able to anticipate the next twist and turn and cable and bobble. Of course I’m cabling without a cable needle, and I can’t imagine doing this scarf any other way, since every single right-side row has 8 cables. I decided the bobbles looked a little dull as written (and required turning of the work), so I’m using Annie Modesitt’s voluptuous and turning-less bobbles. Do you like them, Meg?

So far, so good great! The only thing is that the yarn seems to be disappearing very quickly, and I think this scarf will be over before I know it :(.


Sunday, August 07, 2005

Joining the ranks of the mildly late

I too have not yet managed to send out my yarn, but as my dear stitcher is relatively close by and I should be able to get it out on monday, it should arrive within the week. Now if only I could find the pictures I took of it so I could share the lovely yarn that I'd like to have Moonlight Madness knitted in.



What's inside?


Enough bamboo yarn from Southwest Trading Company for a Blue Collar. (Of course, mine will be red.)

I'd planned on requesting a Turtleneck Shrug (also by Teva Durham), but this yarn spoke to me Thursday night just as ak traditions was closing.

My personal knitter is someplace hot and humid right now (an educated guess having lived within a few hours driving distance until earlier this year) and I thought, why not give her a break? I'm not much of a summer knitter myself, so I'm hoping she enjoys a lightweight bamboo in the waning days of summer.

Vintage Velvet + Intro

Hey! Nice to meet everyone! I'm Kiri from corn-infested Indiana. Married, grad student, one cat, one bunny. In what little spare time there is, I like to read, knit, sew, weave, and pretend I know how to build stuff. My blog is KiriOsity (I had this teacher in fifth grade who said I was too curious and asked way too many questions, so he started calling me that). I'm an infrequent poster right now... finishing up my last summer class on Monday! Yay! After that, I hope to become a good little blogger.

Here is Ms. Gina's lovely Touch Me yarn... a beautiful creamy shade of mocha that's super soft and going to look gorgeous after felting. I hope it lives up to her expectations once it "grows up". ;)

Vintage Velvet scarf after one pattern repeat :) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Another late SYNOist ...


I haven't sent out my yarn yet either but at least I've finally *chosen* it, albeit in an online shop! I'm afraid it'll take a few weeks to arrive, and I hope my SYNO partner will be ok with this - I've emailed her.

My problem is that my LYSs haven't got any new autumn/winter yarns yet, and there's nothing left I haven't used yet ... Ugh, I hadn't foreseen that problem at all!

I'm on the same boat...

I, like Cassie, have yet to mail my yarn as well. My problem though is that like an idiot I read the turtleneck shrug pattern as requiring 3 balls of yarn instead of the 4 clearly listed on the pattern! I guess that's what happens when you have a 21 month old, and are pregnant....can you start losing your mind more at only 4 weeks along?! :) Of course I couldn't make it to the LYS all week, and of course they don't have more of the color I bought. Soooo...I have to make it in today, pick a different color or yarn, and get it shipped on Monday. Sorry secret's coming I promise! We don't live far apart, so it shouldn't take too long!
Now I have to make a new yarn choice though...ugh! Should I be wild and crazy and pick the orange juicy color in the kid classic?....or I could substitute DB cashmerinio aran, yum! I just don't want to spend a fortune in case it's too weird to wear! Plus, it might look even crazier once I have a big belly sticking out under it!! hmmm....well, off to the LYS!

Bad SYNO'er!

You might remember that I posted a photo of my yarn on Aug 2nd (the blue Classic Elite Posh). You might therefore have assumed that it made it to the post office by now. But no, things went a bit differently than planned.

I got the name of the fabulous person who will be knitting for me, printed it out at work. I got home late that night, and wound the yarn so it would be ready to go. Then I realized that I was leaving on a business trip the next morning at 8 am! I had my days confused, thought I had one more day at home.

At midnight I was packing, scrawling a quick note to the yarn's recipient, and asking the boy if we had any boxes around that I could use. He has a microphone/music gear habit that makes my yarn habit look insignificant, so we usually have many boxes! But strangely, there were only big Fresh Direct grocery boxes. At 1 am I was done packing and asking the boy if he could possibly mail the yarn for me while I was away. He agreed, saying that some stuff was coming to him in a day or so that would be the right size of box. We get sooooo many boxes, it really seems *wrong* to buy a box.

So now it's Saturday, the yarn still hasn't been mailed, I am still away, and my fingers are crossed that he'll get it mailed out today. Of course, I don't really blame him for not understanding. So here are my apologies to the person who will be waiting a few extra days for yarn. I'm Bad! Poor planning skills!! Sorry!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Blissful Cashmerino Aran

Hi all! This is my first post on the site. I don't know why I haven't piped up sooner : )!

I have chosen for my SYNO knitter to make Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in white. I was hesitant on the white, but my LYS didn't have enough of the green I wanted. So, I guess it's kind of like snow-covered back yard leaves? Works for me!

Anyhow, the cashmerino was shipped off today to be knitted in a much more exotic locale than St. Louis, Missouri. I hope the recipient enjoys the softness of the yarn and finds the pattern to be a fun one!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another introduction and yarn choice

Hi all - I've been slow in getting around to posting on here. I'm also in 'exotic' LA, going to grad school here for the next few years (or so) I started knitting in undergrad and have been hooked since :) I'm really looking forward to getting my swap partner's yarn!

I've chosen backyard leaves with (after much weeding through my stash) Cascade 220 in Lichen. I used this yarn to make a sweater for my ex and loved working with it. I promise it'll go in the mail today! Sorry for the lack of pictures, but my camera is down for the count until I can get it fixed!

Oh, it has been FABULOUS reading all about the knit gifts that are making their way around the world and seeing a heap of yarn lusciousness.
As soon as I read the note about my yarn pal I ordered my goodies online to be sent directly to them so I have no wonderful photos, heck, I haven't even seen the colour I chose in 'real' life) and, so, I do apologise yarn pal that you will receive something initially without any little giftie however, do trust that will follow*I tried, I REALLY tried to resist Ruffles but couldn't help myself. Those who know me well will know that Pink is my ABSOLUTE fave colour and, even though it just MIGHT not suit me I just HAD to choose Azalea which I thought was more a dusky pink but might be quite FULL ON. Just ruffley pink stuff arriving in the mail was just WAY too hard to resist :-)
So, dearest yarn pal, when you receive my knitterly goodness please drop me a line to say it has arrived safely and expect some gorgeousnes in the mail sometime soon <3 <3 <3
I'm REALLY enjoying all the entries so far, SUCH yarn wonderfulness*

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

I was planning on taking a photo of the yarn I am sending to my swap pal, but unfortunately in my rush to get my package in the mail, I plum forgot. So I stole this photo off my blog instead.

If I had actually managed to get my act together and take said photo of yarn, I would have shown you the project I ended up choosing and which yarn I sent. However, since that didn't happen I thought I would leave you all wondering instead. One of these three yarns has left wintry Melbourne and is off to a warmer climate to visit a friend.

Maybe when it arrives my swap partner can let you all know who came to visit and what is will become.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I just sent out 4 balls of one of my favorite yarns, Debbie Bliss Cathay, for the ruffles scarf. I thought many of us were sending this, but so far, I think I'm the first, at least the first posting about it.

And, apparently I'm more forgetful than I thought. I didn't specify what needles to use for this scarf, since the yarn is a different gauge than the pattern calls for. So if you read this, and then you get my package, please note that I love this yarn knit on the needles the yarn calls for. Or, if you knit slightly looser or tighter, go up or down as you see fit. Thanks!


Another package on its way!

Well I just came back from the post office to mail this. It's flying out as balls of yarn and will be coming back to me as the Turtleneck Shrug. I hope my swap pal enjoys working with it, because I do love me them soft merino yarn!

Priority Mail............

Off to the post office to send this priority. Backyard Leaves should be something I can manage to wear in Florida. Maybe? And of course, I sent her a little token that she probably doesn't have access to.

To reiterate everyone else's sentiments, I CAN'T WAIT to get the yarn I'll be knitting :o)

backyard leaves

these yarns are going to the scarf knitter today! they will return as "backyard leaves" scarf. magic!