stitch ya neck out: Farewell, Miss Leaves

Friday, August 26, 2005

Farewell, Miss Leaves

Sadly, it is time for the darling Miss Leaves to depart our fair antipodean land for her ultimate destiny, Sonya, in Florida.
During her time in Australia, she was the darling of the Sydney scene - attracting attention everywhere she went.
To mark her farewell, Miss Leaves attended a final photo shoot so that her local friends will have something to remember her by.
Here she is seen warming herself in a glorious late winter bath of sunlight.

And here she has agreed to pose for a closeup with an Aussie icon, the weber barbecue.

This Backyard Leaves scarf was made in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and it was a dream to work with. I really hope Sonya likes it, and that she has a chance to wear it sometime!

More photos of Miss Leaves and her younger sister (in Noro Silk Garden - I had to start a second one in order to bear parting with this one) are here.


At 26 August, 2005 23:07, Blogger gina said...

Wow! You are a speeeeedy knitter. Looks gorgeous!


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