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Monday, August 22, 2005

I Posted this on my blog but totally forgot about posting it here, so here goes.

Mr Parcel guy left this on my doorstep

A cute card, some cinnamon kitchen soap from Denali Dreams (Rosa has obviously been reading my blog!), 6 beautiful handmade stitch markers in my favourite colour - green (and blue's)! And the most important part of the package, 650 yds of hand painted silk/merino blend from Raven Frog Fiber Arts in Sitka, Alaska. It came with a lovely note about the colour:

Stormy Seas - One blustery Sitka day I sat in my car at the grocery store and stared out to sea at the storm. After several minutes i saw what it was that held me transfixed. It was the juxtaposition of the colors against the scene i saw. The colors were quite monochromatic-grays, bluish grays and white-and not colors associated with "high energy". But the energy I was witnessing was intense and undeniable. The waves crashing against the rocks, gusting winds, white caps and huge swells embodied immeasurable power. I looked out at just the colors and they were actually restful. I looked at the scene and it was violent and powerful. I thought of what a different feeling those "restful" colors would invoke to someone out on a boat in the middle of that storm. Everyone else looks at this yarn and sees peaceful. I see the stormy seas.

I'm knitting the Midwest Moonlight scarf for Rosa and will post my progress when there's a bit more progress!


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