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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Forbes Forest Finished, Sent, and Arrived

Well, it was 3 months late, but the scarf is finished, and has been received by MellowTrouble who has been very understanding. Here's the final product being modeled by the puppy.

I was worried at the beginning about tension irregularities. I even wrote a note to my recipient after knitting most of a ball of the yarn to ask her if I should rip it out and start over. She reassured me that all my problems would be resolved with a quick soak in warm water and being pinned out to dry. I suppose I should have believed her, and the other people who were telling me that blocking was a wonderful tool to have in a knitter's bag of tricks. I'm a little slow, but I believe them now.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

final roundup

most of you are now walking around with toasty warm necks wrapped in scarves and shrugs knitted especially for you! we hope you are enjoying them!

however, there are still some poor, freezing girls out there coughing their way through winter... i'm afraid us organisers don't have a complete overview over who are still missing their scarves, but we know there are a few of you out there still waiting. if you still haven't finished knitting your partner's scarf, this is the time to do so! we are already three months past the official deadline.

please email us asap if you haven't received your scarf, or if you haven't finished knitting it yet. we will try to sort things out so that this swap is fully completed and all scarves received within the next couple of weeks.

Friday, December 23, 2005

My Turtleneck Shrug

I received my lovely Turtleneck Shrug from Rosa more than a week ago and have been very negligent in taking a decent picture and posting about my scarf/shrug. The shrug is made with Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Bark. I love how soft and tweedy it is and Rosa did a wonderful job. The sleeves are quite long, but I like long sleeves. Rosa ran out of yarn on the turntleneck, so it is 2 inches shorter than called for in the pattern. I'm debating about adding the two inches to the neck as I discussed with Rosa, or leaving it as is.

Thanks Rosa for such a wonderul shrug/scarf. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it this winter.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Nichola's Backyard Leaves is Done!

I've finally finished Nichola's scarf and sent it on it's way down under! Before I reveal how it turned out, I have to rewind back to July and show off her package that I never posted about.

Here is the bevy of goodies I received this summer...way too much! But I love it all.
We have her chosen yarn - Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran - mmm...yum! There is a handmade needle roll that is currently housing all my needles. Yea! Some beautiful stitch markers, another handmade pouch that is storing my misc. knitting accoutrements, some chocolate (of course missing from photo), and the greatest little purse for my daughter Helen. I/She absolutely love it. It is Hilda the Hedgehog. Too cute!
Thank you so much Nichola for all the neat treats.
After looking back at this, I'm now feeling a little bit guilty about how long it's taken me to finish! But Nichola assured me that since it is summer there, that it was alright.

After all the selling and buying of houses, moving, first months of pregnancy, etc., I'm proud to finally present...Backyard Leaves!

I just love how this turned out. My husband even said "You're going to give that away?! It's so beautiful!" And the yarn is sooo soft - perfect for this project or any scarf. It was with much sadness that I sent this off to Melbourne at the post office yesterday. Someday I'm going to have to make one for myself. I truly hope you enjoy it Nichola - it was so fun to knit. I hope you are doing well with your new little one (I'll be joining you in April with a little boy), and that you will be wrapped in leavy goodness all winter long!

Thank you, thank you Jacqueline and Kris...this was too much fun!!

Tomorrow...a post about my cozy t-neck shrug from Kate!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Finished Turtleneck Shrug

During lunch I tried to take photos of Stephanie's turtleneck shrug, but as you can see, they came out darker than I would have liked. There just isn't enough light here this time of year. Hopefully Stephanie will post some better photos when she receives the shrug.

The Turtleneck shrug is an interesting design. I have seen photos of a number of people with these, and I like the look, but I never wear turtlenecks because they seem restrictive to me. I hope Stephanie enjoys wearing it. I really enjoyed working with this yarn, it is Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed (85% wool, 10% silk, 5% cashmere). It was very soft while knitting, and felt absolutly wonderful after a bit of a bath with some gentle shampoo. I will definately plan use this yarn again.
6 skeins of yarn came out short for the shrug, I ran out with the turtleneck at 6" rather than the 8" specified in the pattern. After talking with Stehanie about it, we decided I would go ahead and send it so she could try it as is, and if it is too short she will order more yarn and add to the neck. I intended to not weave in the final end so it would be easy for her to rip out the cast off if that was what she wanted to do, but I was watching a movie, and forgot to leave it undone. Sorry Steph, I hope its not too much trouble for you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm late, I'm late

I'm still plugging away on Forbes Forest for my dear exchange partner. I feel terrible that it's taking me so long to finish.
The light is at the end of the tunnel and I can see it. I am into the last ball of yarn and should DEFINITELY be able to finish in time for her to have it as a christmas present.
I just need to make sure it gets brought along with me even when bringing it will make me need to pack a bigger bag. That's the real problem currently, it no longer fits in my purse.
It's been a wonderful pattern to work and the yarn a joy to knit with... If only I had more time to knit.

Pinku Rocks Turtle Neck Shrug for Twiss

It was a gloomy day but the snow was drifting down to the ground and it was the first of the season. I had the day off, working in my studio at home and I could have stayed in my pajamas all day long, but I had a parcel at the post office to pick up. I decided I would reward myself for working so hard and go out for some fresh air and see what awaited me.

It was perfect! A light box I brought back home and unpacked to reveal this:

Inside that pretty bag, hand stitched with fabric fishes dangling from a pocket contained my Turtleneck Shrug that Pinku knit. Also in the parcel are beautiful vintage Kimono fabrics. Those Japanese are lovely textile designers and I get so much pleasure looking and touching and admiring these fabrics.

Thank you Kat for knitting my shrug for me. It is the best item in my wardrobe this season! Thanks for the treats too, oh and the wee card is a nice touch.

Here is my friend Tatiana wearing the TNS. She is a gorgeous girl and a great model. She went out of her mind when she saw me in this and needed to try it on. I wear it at work often and people always ask me about it.

A great comment I've heard, "Hey Twiss, was it the tenth of a sweater you were wearing or the fire the other night that made me hot?" I really didn't know what to say, except to all you galls, "Hooray for the shrug!"

I had such a great time participating in this swap. Necking with friends all over the world was fun.

Great thanks goes out to Jacqueline, Serendipitous knitter slash Melbourne landmark informant and Kris, s t r i k k e r slash r o c k i n ' r o c k e r .

edited: Dec 1

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

vintage velvet on the road

Finally, a photo of Vintage Velvet, as knit for me by Kiri. Here I am, finally having gotten my husband to take a take a (barely) daylight photo, outside of Marfa, Texas... where it's actually cold enough to wear handknits.

I LOVE this scarf. It is perfectly knit, supersoft, and even a little sophisticated. The name Touch Me is accurate... everyone wants to pet this scarf.

Kiri was also generous enough to send along some sari silk yarn and some corn silk (ingeo) yarn. Who knew they made yarn out of corn silk? Well, I'm sure a lot of people, but not me. Ha.

Thank you Kiri! And thanks to Jacqueline and Kris for organizing this swap. It's been hard to explain to non-knitters ("you're knitting a scarf for a stranger?"), but it's been pure knit-geek fun.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Here and There Cables has arrived

... and I love it! The yarn has turned into a yummy thick fabric, just perfect - all the scarves I have are really lightweight. And it's not scratchy at all, Mary! Thank you so much!! It's a pattern I didn't dare try myself, I'm thrilled that you made it for me :-)

(Miserable weather here ...)

The fabric is like a heavy, dense tweed or something, and I love the colours :-)

If I knew that the scarf I made for Leanne has arrived as well, I'd be really happy - I'm a bit worried it might have disapparead in the mail :-( I sent it out on 26 October, and I haven't heard from Leanne at all. She hasn't replied to my email yet either. Is anyone in touch with her?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

All Done

Here & There Cables is finished, blocked and on its way to Tatjana. The dull, grey weather doesn't make for the best photos, but this should give you some idea of the finished product.

I found the yarn a little scratchy to knit with and was worried it might not be too comfortable for a scarf but after a Eucalan bath it has softened nicely. The pattern is great to knit - easy to memorise and a very nice texture. I hope you like the finished product Tatjana.

A big thank you to Kris and Jacqueline for organising such a fun swap. Here's hoping for round 2 next year.