stitch ya neck out: Nichola's Backyard Leaves is Done!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Nichola's Backyard Leaves is Done!

I've finally finished Nichola's scarf and sent it on it's way down under! Before I reveal how it turned out, I have to rewind back to July and show off her package that I never posted about.

Here is the bevy of goodies I received this summer...way too much! But I love it all.
We have her chosen yarn - Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran - mmm...yum! There is a handmade needle roll that is currently housing all my needles. Yea! Some beautiful stitch markers, another handmade pouch that is storing my misc. knitting accoutrements, some chocolate (of course missing from photo), and the greatest little purse for my daughter Helen. I/She absolutely love it. It is Hilda the Hedgehog. Too cute!
Thank you so much Nichola for all the neat treats.
After looking back at this, I'm now feeling a little bit guilty about how long it's taken me to finish! But Nichola assured me that since it is summer there, that it was alright.

After all the selling and buying of houses, moving, first months of pregnancy, etc., I'm proud to finally present...Backyard Leaves!

I just love how this turned out. My husband even said "You're going to give that away?! It's so beautiful!" And the yarn is sooo soft - perfect for this project or any scarf. It was with much sadness that I sent this off to Melbourne at the post office yesterday. Someday I'm going to have to make one for myself. I truly hope you enjoy it Nichola - it was so fun to knit. I hope you are doing well with your new little one (I'll be joining you in April with a little boy), and that you will be wrapped in leavy goodness all winter long!

Thank you, thank you Jacqueline and Kris...this was too much fun!!

Tomorrow...a post about my cozy t-neck shrug from Kate!


At 09 December, 2005 05:26, Blogger Nichola said... looks fabulous, thsnkyou so much. I can't wait for Winter now.


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