stitch ya neck out: July 2005

Sunday, July 31, 2005

shhh - they are nearly here...

twas the night before swap partners
and all through blog land
not a knit blogger was moving
not even their hands

after that rather feeble attempt at poetry you'll forgive me for not continuing with the verse. i just wanted to let you all know that your secret swap partners are nearly here.

we will be sending out emails to everyone tomorrow (tuesday - australian time).

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Another intro

I'm so excited to be a part of this swap! It's gonna be awesome! My name is Hillary, I live in Woodinville, WA - I think I win the prize for most exotic local! :) I'm married with a 21 month old daughter Helen, work full time at a software company in Marketing Events, and dream about having enough time to get sick of knitting!
I decided on the turtle neck shrug and picked out my yarn this last weekend. I'm using Rowan Kid Classic in smoke.

Boring, I know, but it's my favorite pattern from the book and the color will go with everything!
Looking forward to knitting something different...maybe backyard leaves...want to knit it, but not for myself. Cant' wait!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

hello there

i'm andrea and i live in exotic... uh.. los angeles. can't really compare l.a. to australia, finland, and alaska! oh, except here we have a ton of smog, yay. ;O

anyhow! i'm a transplanted east coaster working in a radio archives. so basically, half the day i'm sweating to death, and the other half i'm freezing. i'm also in school at ucla - getting my masters in library & archives - and started knitting a little over a year ago. i just picked up spinning this past month and already feel happily/horribly sucked into the spinning world.

some of you i know, others i'm looking forward to getting to know ;) i'm excited about this knit-a-long as i've been eyeing the patterns from scarf style for months now, but haven't had enough motivation to make anything from it. i just finished a scarf last night - in merino wool, in this weather! - from yarn i spun (yay) so i'm ready to get going on this knit-a-long...

have a great - and not too hot - day!

Hi to fellow SYNO'ers*

Hi Guys,
I am SOOO excited about being part of the SYNO exchange and wanted to get out a HUGE holler to my fellow knit crew*
I am a late thirties chick liiving in Melbourne and about to take a leap of faith into my life purpose as a creative gal, enough of this dilly dallying around 'life is here to be LIVED!!'* Originally a Brit Chick, from London, I have been in Melbourne for the last 9 years and run an SnB group both online and in real life (that is my knit passions). I am a true Rowan Gal at heart and apart from the temptations of Eloise (Noro) and Clapotis and Scarf Style haven't strayed from Rowan patterns/yarns ever before.
I have FINALLY decided on Ruffles as my scarf of choice and it is DEFINITELY going to be in PINK. I did consider Blue Collar for a while but the Ruff won out in the end. It was SUCH a hard choice as I want ALL these scarves* Still gotta find my yarn though but thought I would wait see where my fellow knitster was from and would buy the yarn from a local source.
I SO can't WAIT to see what GLORIOUS creation I will be making for a fellow teamster*
Wooohhhooooooo Let's get the ball rolling* Blessings to all SYNO'ers*

Monday, July 25, 2005

Another hi

Hello, fellow scarf knitters! I decided to greet everybody too, now that Rosa started. My name is Kristel, and I'm from Finland. I've been a passionate knitter for years, but I've only recently heard the siren song of shawls and scarves. This year I've hardly knit anything but shawls, scarves and socks, but I've used to be more of a sweater knitter. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everybody is going to make! The scarf I want is Ruffles, but I haven't had the chance to shop for yarn yet.

I hope everybody has a fun swap/knitalong! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Hi. I'm Rosa and I live in Southeast Alaska. I have been a lurker among the knitting blogs for about 6 months or so, but have just recently started to participate, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I learned to knit when I was about 10, knit a few things when I was in my early 20's (that was almost 20 years ago) and didn't pick it up again until last fall. I have really been enjoying it, and have made a few things I like, and actually use. This is my first swap/knit along. I chose the midwest moonlight scarf from Scarf Style. The yarn I chose is not quite the same weight as specified, but I think it will be fine, since size is not critical in a scarf, and I love the yarn. It is a 50% silk/50% merino blend, hand dyed by Raven Frog Arts in Sitka, AK. It is very soft, and the colors are great "Southeast Colors"--greys and blues.

Anyways, enough rambling. I am looking forward to getting started on this and getting to know you all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

we have a button!

if you take a look at the sidebar you'll notice that we have now have a swap button! this is thanks once again to the generosity of my friend paul who not only created the button, but also drew the original artwork you are looking at.

please feel free to upload it to your own blogs and link back to this site. also feel free to leave wonderful comments proclaiming paul's genius...i will be sure to pass them on to him.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

it's getting closer

well, the day is drawing closer when we will be sending out the all important information on where to send your yarn and you can all begin eagerly checking the post for a package.

just a couple of quick reminders. the first major date to remember is swap kickoff - august 1st. you will have the name of the person who will be knitting your scarf by then. so in order to give us enough time to pair people up we are closing the swap to new people wanting to join at midnight this sunday the 24th of july greenwich mean time. after which we unfortunately can't take on anyone else.

to everyone who has already joined there are still a few of you who haven't sent through your address and scarf information. we will need this back by midnight tuesday 26th of july greenwich mean time. if you don't get this to us on risk missing out, and we would hate to see that happen.

for people who have picked out their yarn and wish to show it off, feel free to post here or link to your own blog - because i am sure everyone will want to see what people are going to be making and with what. so don't be shy and please feel free to post.

in the meantime, happy scarf choosing and yarn shopping!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Welcome to

"Stitch Ya Neck Out"
~necking with friends~

How this works is that you will nominate a scarf and then purchase the yarn you would like for this scarf….and send it off to your scarf maker! In order to join us in this merry fun you need to have your own copy of Scarf Style. If you choose to nominate a different scarf pattern you would like to have made, you will need to purchase an original copy of the pattern and send it off with your yarn. Your scarf maker and the person you will be receiving yarn from will not be one and the same. We are going to try and mix it up a bit. We really wanted to try and make it as even and fair as possible and make sure people’s personal wool fetishes were catered for. Hence why you will be purchasing your own yarn. People are often less fussy about what yarn they put on their feet in comparison to what they wear around their neck. Personally I have to wear soft yarns around my neck because otherwise I am scratching like a madwoman.

In order to make this fair we have organised a few guidelines for the swap. Because we are trialling this to see how it goes, we have decided to limit scarves to an established pattern from either the Scarf Style book or but not every pattern will be available. What we are really trying to achieve is to make it a fair exchange. So we have narrowed it down to the following list of scarves.

Scarf Style Scarves

1. Here and There Cables ( a smaller version using 50 or 56 stitches at most and no more than 5 balls of recommended or equivalent yarn)
2. Forbes Forest
3. Zigzag Stripes
4. Interlocking Balloons
5. Stripes and Bobbles
6. Misty Garden
7. Vintage Velvet
8. Backyard Leaves
9. Turtleneck Shrug
10. Midwest Moonlight
11. Blue Collar
12. Ruffles

Knitty Scarves

1. Embrace
2. Wavy
3. Loopy and Luscious
4. Branching out

This list is by no means exhaustive but it has been chosen to try and cover off beginners and advanced knitters alike. However, it is pretty much the limit as far as what we think is fair and reasonable from Knitty or Scarf Style.

If anyone has a huge fear about knitting some of the scarves on the list…when they sign up can you please email us with your fear – and we will make sure you don’t get someone who wants that particular scarf or scarves made. The yarn sending will occur in early August with the scarves due back by the end of October. We will come up with a firmer list of dates soon.

OK – so I think that is it in a nutshell. I am sure I have left things out but we will cover that off as we go. So if you are interested in this, please send us the following information in an email to stitchyaneckoutATgmailDOTcom

Blog URL
Email Address

Originally, Jacqueline and Kris came up with the swap between ourselves so that we could try new yarns that we wouldn't usually have access too, and have a bit of fun doing it. Hopefully you will, too!