stitch ya neck out: Hi to fellow SYNO'ers*

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hi to fellow SYNO'ers*

Hi Guys,
I am SOOO excited about being part of the SYNO exchange and wanted to get out a HUGE holler to my fellow knit crew*
I am a late thirties chick liiving in Melbourne and about to take a leap of faith into my life purpose as a creative gal, enough of this dilly dallying around 'life is here to be LIVED!!'* Originally a Brit Chick, from London, I have been in Melbourne for the last 9 years and run an SnB group both online and in real life (that is my knit passions). I am a true Rowan Gal at heart and apart from the temptations of Eloise (Noro) and Clapotis and Scarf Style haven't strayed from Rowan patterns/yarns ever before.
I have FINALLY decided on Ruffles as my scarf of choice and it is DEFINITELY going to be in PINK. I did consider Blue Collar for a while but the Ruff won out in the end. It was SUCH a hard choice as I want ALL these scarves* Still gotta find my yarn though but thought I would wait see where my fellow knitster was from and would buy the yarn from a local source.
I SO can't WAIT to see what GLORIOUS creation I will be making for a fellow teamster*
Wooohhhooooooo Let's get the ball rolling* Blessings to all SYNO'ers*


At 26 July, 2005 13:50, Blogger JinxedMinx said...

Hi Norbu! So far everyone's from someplace exotic!! (Yes, Alaska is exotic to me!) This is going to be fun!



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