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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My SYNO Update

My SYNO update:
I really wanted to get a local yarn, something Canadian but I broke down and settled for a Rowan yarn. It is a lovely yarn. For support and advice, I brought less than half of my female family along for the experience.
I found enough yardage for my project in two choices. One in rust and the other in grey-blue. Mom was routing for the rust, "Do you remember when grey was a colour?" Apparently she doesn't think grey is a colour. I had to remind her it was the colour of my eyes, that I had nothing to do with it and it was 50% her doing my eyes are not a colour of her liking. I brought the five balls to the cash, "It's G R E Y ! Aack! It's the colour of men's work pants".
When I got home contacted my girl. And promised I would post the precious yarn soon. Probably in the morning. I was going to pop it in the mail today but I forgot a major treat that is absolutely necessary for her to get, to thank her in advance for knitting my thing.
It is really fun to spoil swap partners.


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