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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bad SYNO'er!

You might remember that I posted a photo of my yarn on Aug 2nd (the blue Classic Elite Posh). You might therefore have assumed that it made it to the post office by now. But no, things went a bit differently than planned.

I got the name of the fabulous person who will be knitting for me, printed it out at work. I got home late that night, and wound the yarn so it would be ready to go. Then I realized that I was leaving on a business trip the next morning at 8 am! I had my days confused, thought I had one more day at home.

At midnight I was packing, scrawling a quick note to the yarn's recipient, and asking the boy if we had any boxes around that I could use. He has a microphone/music gear habit that makes my yarn habit look insignificant, so we usually have many boxes! But strangely, there were only big Fresh Direct grocery boxes. At 1 am I was done packing and asking the boy if he could possibly mail the yarn for me while I was away. He agreed, saying that some stuff was coming to him in a day or so that would be the right size of box. We get sooooo many boxes, it really seems *wrong* to buy a box.

So now it's Saturday, the yarn still hasn't been mailed, I am still away, and my fingers are crossed that he'll get it mailed out today. Of course, I don't really blame him for not understanding. So here are my apologies to the person who will be waiting a few extra days for yarn. I'm Bad! Poor planning skills!! Sorry!!


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