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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

And now, something entirely different

I always have to be different, don't I? :)

I am asking my pal to knit me this beautiful Lace Leaf Scarf from the spring/summer 2005 VK. I know it's not Ruffles or Turtleneck Shrug... it's not even in the suggested list of scarves!

I've chosen Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for the yarn in a lovely periwinkle color:

This morning my local yarn shop had its anniversary sale (everything 25% off!), so I swung by, picked up the yarn, and without taking an extra minute, took some photos, put together a package and mailed it off.

I included the yarn, a few copies of the pattern, and a letter.

I hope my pal likes knitting with this yarn... I think it's quite soft :).

You can read more details about all of this on my blog.

I anxiously await my own package so I can knit something fabulous for one of you!

Kathy, aka Grumperina


At 03 August, 2005 03:19, Blogger Michele said...

I love that yarn and the pattern...maybe I'll get it!


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