stitch ya neck out: Very hot city. Very soft yarn.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Very hot city. Very soft yarn.

So it's been hotter than hot in NYC and I haven't been knitting at all really. (How's that for an intro? Now everyone is worrying that I won't knit their scarf. I will! I promise!) I did manage to buy this yarn for a Turtleneck Shrug. It's so freaking soft I almost don't know if I'll be able to mail it some exotic locale or other...

Okay, I'm ready for the announcing of the partners!


At 02 August, 2005 13:53, Anonymous norbu said...

Yummy Blue - DIVINE* :-)
Will make a VERY elegant shrug


At 02 August, 2005 18:03, Blogger kris said...

gorgeous! hmmmm, maybe i should hijack your swap partner and redirect that yarn to me?

At 03 August, 2005 03:21, Blogger Michele said...

I want that yarn too!!!

At 04 August, 2005 04:31, Blogger bethieee said...

Pretty Yarn! I love the color.


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