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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Vintage Velvet + Intro

Hey! Nice to meet everyone! I'm Kiri from corn-infested Indiana. Married, grad student, one cat, one bunny. In what little spare time there is, I like to read, knit, sew, weave, and pretend I know how to build stuff. My blog is KiriOsity (I had this teacher in fifth grade who said I was too curious and asked way too many questions, so he started calling me that). I'm an infrequent poster right now... finishing up my last summer class on Monday! Yay! After that, I hope to become a good little blogger.

Here is Ms. Gina's lovely Touch Me yarn... a beautiful creamy shade of mocha that's super soft and going to look gorgeous after felting. I hope it lives up to her expectations once it "grows up". ;)

Vintage Velvet scarf after one pattern repeat :) Posted by Picasa


At 07 August, 2005 05:34, Blogger gina said...

Wow!!! Now that's some fast turnaround. Looks great. I am superexcited!

At 07 August, 2005 06:07, Blogger jacqueline said...

that is fantastic! i can't believe the first lot of yarn has arrived and is already on the needles.

At 08 August, 2005 11:39, Blogger Divinely said...

I have done this pattern and it is DIVINE you won't BELIEVE the post 'felting' experience :- TOTALLY ROCKS!!!
Looking forward to seeing the results


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