stitch ya neck out: Yarn, and Cat Candy!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yarn, and Cat Candy!

(reposted from Autumn Sweater)

Look what came in the mail on Friday...

It's Kat's yarn all the way from Tokyo!! Manos Cotton Stria in a yummy red...and in the best possible world of SYNO pairings, Kat requested Ruffles, which I wanted to knit, but knew wasn't my personal style. Yippee!

There were 4 balls of yarn in the package, but one made it's way into my bag with some needles before the photo was taken. But wait...look at the cool stickers and cat tattoos and, get this, candy with samarai cats on the packaging. I think they just hopped off their motorcycle. Let's just have a close up and savor it, shall we?


That just made my week!! Thanks Kat!

As for the knitting... I have started a few different times on this. The #6 needles per the pattern resulted in sort of floppy ruffles, so I tried #5 needles with four extra stitches, resulting in ruffles that were too wide. I'm now following the pattern as written on the #5 needles, and I think we have a winner. There's not too much to see yet, but I am hopping on a plane in a few hours, so I'll post photos of progress soon.


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