stitch ya neck out: Misty 3...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Misty 3...

No pics tonight as my crappy phone camera only takes pics in broad daylight but I can tell you I am on the third ball of Misty Garden* Just had to tell someone who would at least vaguely 'get' what I am saying here :-)
Wow, she does indeed look long and luxurious* Don't worry Michele, she will be home with you soon** Today 'she' went off to the mountains for a healing ceremony and so is now truly blessed with lots of positive vibes*
Blessings all and hope all yarn and ptotential scarves are now safely with their owners, Leola, have my yarn babies arrived safely? I DO hope so**
BTW, I hear Wrap Style is out in the US, perhaps that is the next SYSO (Stick Ya Shoulders Out).
Can anyone tell me if it is as amazing as Scarf Style?


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