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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cashmerino Leaves!!

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I was thrilled to read that I was going to do lacework for my SYNO pal - and with such gorgeous yarn! I've never seen any Debbie Bliss in local shops (not sure it's sold in Germany, except online), and cashmerino is oh-so-soft! :-)

I was to knit a Backyard Leaves scarf for Leanne, so I went to look for my copy of Scarf Style to get into the pattern and start a swatch. And then I freaked - I realised I had no idea how to read the lace chart, it looked completely different from what I was used to! First of all, was I to read the chart left-to-right or right-to-left? Where to begin? And how come the second row showed two additional stitches I didn't see anywhere in the previous row?
An hour later, I'd found answers to all my questions - gotta love Google :-))

1) I'm left-handed, so I need to read the rows in the opposite direction from most people. Odd rows (1; 3; 5) are knit left-to-right!
2) The additional two stitches account for the two yarnovers in the second row - somehow I'd assumed increases wouldn't show up as boxes on the chart until the following row ...
3) It really is a good idea to practise the selvedge beforehand - it took a few minutes to wrap my mind around it but once I realised it's *dead simple* I could race ahead, and it really does come in handy to have the selvedge pattern down pat so you can concentrate on the actual leaf pattern!

Now it's soo much fun, and I can't wait to get started for real! I'll finish Mam's Lauralund, and then I might start Backyard Leaves at the same time as my cardi - one lots of fun, the other reliable TV knitting fodder :-)

Thank you so much, Leanne!!


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