stitch ya neck out: Turtleneck Shrug!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Turtleneck Shrug!

Like others, I ran out of yarn while working on the neck of Hillary's Turtleneck Shrug. Being able to find the same dyelot here in California, we agreed that I would send it off and Hillary would decide whether or not to add more. So, in a way, it's done. Hillary, your shrug has:

  • Ridden the Santa Monica Blue Bus (no small feat!)
  • Moved across the 405
  • Attended an academic conference in Irvine (it may have understood more than I did)
  • Read journal articles (I think it wants to go to grad school)
  • Sparked conversations on the walk to campus ("Are you knitting? Is that a giraffe neck warmer?" while working on the sleeve)
  • Clarified why you'd call it a shrug - after the fifth time of being asked "You're making a turtleneck with sleeves?"

You shrug.

I enjoyed working on this - the yarn is very nice and anything without seams is great - hope you like it!


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