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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Arrived - Moonlight Madness

I got my scarf from PurlyWhites. The pattern is lovelier than I thought it would be, and the finishing work is impeccable. Thank you PurlyWhites!!!

My roomate and I have settled on a truce wherein the scarf belongs to whomever is wearing it at the time. And not a moment too soon, I heard the 'paca bears scheming that if we couldn't sort it out between ourselves, they'd claim it! Bad 'paca bears.

You see it's her yarn. I decided to do this swap if, and only if, I could find yarn from stash, you know, those piles of yarn already living in my house that I'm trying to get used. I was quite close to deciding that I couldn't meet that criteria when she kindly suggested a cotton/tencel blend by Classic Elite from her stash. It was a lovely color and we decided that it could be sent out and we'd determine ownership when the scarf got back.... oops!
Now we're stuck, it's back and we both love it, her yarn, my labor, the only conclusion is to make another one. We have more of the same yarn, but it's in an aqua greenish that doesn't look really good on either of us, so I think we'll have to over dye it. (yay... dye party!)


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