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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Forbes Fortune

I started to get a little bit worried about the Forbes Forest scarf that Grumperina was making for me when I received an e-mail from her asking if I'd received it. But after an hour of pacing to and fro, the parcel serendipitously arrived in my mailbox wearing the badge of honour of a well-travelled parcel: an 'opened by Quarantine Services' band of tape covering the gash where some suspicious Quarantine officer had previously opened up the box.
I think the item that attracted so much quarantine concern was some lovely Tealuxe brand green tea with dried pears from China which was generously included by Grumperina.
The parcel also contained a beautiful scarf! Voila!
Forbes Fortune
Grumperina and I have been colluding, as previously reported on the SYNO blog. Because of my yarn substitution, the scarf has come up a bit short, so instead of casting off, Grumperina placed the last row of live stitches on some waste yarn so I can add to the scarf until it is an acceptable length. She generously offered to add two more balls herself but I felt bad asking my swap knitter to do THAT much knitting on a boring old scarf. (And Grumperina's review of the pattern was so positive, I couldn't possibly let her have all the fun, could I??)
I feel very fortunate indeed to have in my possession a Grumperina Original. (I'm the only kid on the block who has one, at least to my knowledge.) The knitting is impeccable. I only hope as a beginner-bobble-maker my knitting will even come close to matching up. Thanks Grumperina for a beautiful scarf! Can't wait to wear it!! And it does remind me of home a bit too...


At 27 September, 2005 03:54, Blogger grumperina said...

Yay! You have the scarf in your possession - fantastic! From your photo it doesn't look like they messed with the tea too much, but I did note that it was very pungent, maybe that's why they felt the need to open it? In any case, safe and sound, and rather quick considering the inspection! Enjoy adding a few more inches - the pattern is fantastically fabulous!!!


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