stitch ya neck out: Look who's blocking

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Look who's blocking

I present to you a view from our spare room:

This is Polly's scarf blocking on the sofa bed. Pardon the colours, it's dark outside so the light isn't very good. I hope it'll dry overnight so I'll get decent pictures tomorrow.

The scarf turned out longer than I expected, as the yarn relaxed quite a bit in water even though I tried to be as careful as possible. It's now about 2 metres long, and 18 cm wide. Polly fell prey for my designer instinct, so the pattern is my own. I like it a lot, actually, I think I'll have to try to write it somewhere before I forget what I did.

Polly sent me 5 balls of the green Furlana wool/possum blend, and since the scarf only took 3 balls she said I can make something to myself or to my daughter. I think I'll be making my baby girl a scarf, since it's getting cold here in Northern Europe.


At 18 September, 2005 00:26, Blogger alltangledup said...

oh man, it looks nice. Fell prey? surely you meant Polly was born under a lucky star to have a scarf designed especially for her.... yes, I do feel lucky ;-)


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