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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tighter? Looser?

Dear Anna,

Here's the first repeat of your backyard leaves. It's knit on sz 6 needles right now (instead of the sz 7 in the pattern for a worsted weight yarn) and the fabric is a little loose. That means it should be uber drapey after blocking. Do you like the size as is, or would you like a denser (but narrower) fabric? Let me know. If you would like it a bit denser, I'll do that no problem. Just want to make sure that your scarf will be exactly the way you want it. Or if you want me to stick to sz 7s in the pattern, let me know too.


At 14 September, 2005 04:56, Blogger Meg said...

I did my Backyard Leaves for Sonya on 5mm needles (US size 8) but I was using Aran weight yarn. (See my previous post 26th August for pre-blocking photos, and Sonya's post 9th September for post-blocking photos).
I think Winnie's swatch looks good as it is on the size 6 needles. If it's already a little loose, you definitely would not want to go up to size 7. I found that only a light blocking was needed to open up the lace pattern of Backyard Leaves. If you give it just a judicious light block, the fabric shouldn't open up to become intolerably drapey. Also, there are a few decrease stitches which require a reasonable amount of space in the stitch (sssk, k3tog) - if you go down a needle size to make a denser fabric, I think you might end up with trouble on the decreases.
Good luck!


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