stitch ya neck out: Ruffles does Vegas

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ruffles does Vegas


I was in Las Vegas for a long enough to snap this photo. Not long enough to win or lose much money.

Ruffles is growing pretty quickly, though I was lazy on the plane and slept instead of knitting. However, as she grows, I've noticed that the spiral is twisting tighter and tighter. Even though I'm on gauge "unrolled" I'm a bit worried she's going to be too thin. Kat, what do you think about a skinny scarf?


At 06 September, 2005 06:20, Blogger kat said...

Cool, my scarf is in Las Vegas! So wish I was there too. Cassie, it looks great, and I'm totally into skinny scarves!! Thanks so much for knitting my scarf while on holidays!!


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