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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Midwest Moonlight

The progress so far............

Not a lot i know but it's getting there.
Here's a better view of the pattern.

I hope you're liking it so far Rosa.

Hey Hillary! How's my scarf going?


At 07 September, 2005 06:39, Blogger grumperina said...

Wow, that's coming out great! I love the way the chosen yarn looks knit up in this pattern.

At 07 September, 2005 07:28, Blogger Rosa said...

I am so pleased with how the scarf is looking. I hope you are enjoying knitting it. I am definetely looking forward to wearing it. Thanks so much for the progress pics.

At 08 September, 2005 01:51, Blogger Miss Twiss said...

Pretty yarn, good choice for the texture in the pattern. Nice knitting too. This is fun!


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