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Friday, September 23, 2005

Here & There

My first progress post I'm afraid. Everyone seems to be flying along so I thought I should show that I have been doing my bit!

For the past week I have been occupied with turning this

into this.

In fact I only used the yarn for the scarf. The chocolate I happily turned into extra calories for me.

The yarn was sent to me by Tatjana, who has chosen the Here & There Cables pattern from Scarf Style. It's not the quickest of knits, but the joy of it is that it is just perfect for picking up and working on for a short time as the pattern is a 7 row repeat with only one row of cabling. I'm confident I'll have it done by the October deadline. I'm not sure of the yarn composition - it came on a cone with no label. It feels like it may have some cotton in it. Perhaps Tatjana can shed some light on it?


At 24 September, 2005 23:09, Blogger Kiri said...

I love that yarn. Any idea what kind it is, Tatjana? It's going to be a beautiful scarf one you're finished!

At 25 September, 2005 10:38, Blogger Tatjana said...

It's a 65% wool, 35% acrylic mix from Wolle Halle, a yarn warehouse in Germany!

At 27 September, 2005 06:20, Blogger Kiri said...

ooooh. i'm going to hunt for some! thanks!


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