stitch ya neck out: a postcard from spain home

Sunday, September 25, 2005

a postcard from spain home

dear morgan,

i am back from my holiday in spain. the weather was fantastic and i spent lazy days by the pool. you don't need to worry, however: i didn't go in - you know how allergic i am to those chemicals!

as you can probably tell from the pic, i went through a period of substantial personal growth during my vacation. in fact, i have even grown a fair bit more than this pic shows, and i am now halfway to my goal. i found the cooler evenings were best suited for this kind of self-development; it was just too hot during the day to think about such things. i have to admit, though - there were nights when i'd had a tiny bit too much wine to be able to make any progress with myself.

as much fun as i had, i'm still eager for october to come. i am looking forward to the cool days of autumn when i will travel to beautiful canada - fully grown and ready to spend my life by your side around your neck.

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