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Thursday, October 06, 2005



I'm procrastinating because I haven't dared tackling the grafting of the two halves of Backyard Leaves yet! Can anyone point me to an online tutorial or has any helpful advice? Thanks!



At 10 October, 2005 00:20, Blogger Meg said...

On my backyard leaves scarf for Sonya, I just sewed the two ends together using mattress stitch. You can see a seam on the WS but it looks fine from the RS, and theoretically that's the middle of the scarf so the seam will be hidden against the wearer's neck. Winnie did a much more professional job on her scarf for Anna though - see her post on 21st September for a description of how she grafted the two halves.

At 10 October, 2005 01:49, Blogger Tatjana said...



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