stitch ya neck out: Nichola's Backyard Leaves Progress

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nichola's Backyard Leaves Progress

We just moved into our new place in Seattle! Yeah!

That means that I've still been super swamped with buying/selling house crap and moving. I cannot find anything in my house at the moment (my husband packed and moved us - agh!), including my camera to take a picture of my progress!

However, I have made some progress on Nichola's backyard leaves scarf. I just went to NYC on business this week and had some good airplane knitting time. I am two repeats from completing one side. Sorry this is taking so long, Nichola! I'm glad it is turning into summer down's the only thing keeping me from feeling super guilty! As soon as I can find my camera, I'll post a photo.

I have a trip to San Diego coming up at the end of the month and a trip to Chicago the following week - more business trips = more uninterupted knitting time = more progress!


At 15 October, 2005 00:11, Blogger Nichola said...

Nice to hear my scarf is progressing. Lovely house BTW!


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