stitch ya neck out: Red ruffles!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Red ruffles!!

Guess who arrived yesterday!? Red ruffles from New York City - just between you and me she's been bragging about the knitty cruise in NYC ever since she got here. I must admit though she's really beautiful.

Cassie you did a fantastic job with the Manos Cotton Stria. I loved the colour when I bought it but I love it even more now. I was really worried about the flimsy-ness of the yarn, but the ruffles are exquisite.

Thanks to Jac and Kris for organizing such a clever swap - it really is amazing as a knitter to recieve a hand-knitted piece from the other side of the world.

ps To Miss Twiss - your turtleneck shrug is in the box to be sent out Monday. I can't believe that I finished the knitting so long ago but never managed to get it in the mail. Big slap on the wrist for me!

pps You can't tell but I had just had my last wisdom tooth pulled out (seriously like half an hour earlier) in that photo. Actually it has started to ache as I type. Off to down some painkillers!!


At 05 November, 2005 06:03, Blogger Kiri said...

Wow, that looks awesome with Manos cotton! Hope the spot-previously-occupied-by-wisdom-tooth is feeling better... haven't had to get my wisdom teeth out yet, but everybody else I know has and they weren't happy campers. They never would have been able to muster a smile for a picture either, so you're quite the trooper! :)


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