stitch ya neck out: Vintage Velvet is on its way...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Vintage Velvet is on its way...

It's done! Right now the Vintage Velvet scarf I knitted for Amelia is somewhere between Melbourne and London. Where exactly...hmmm well that's anyone's guess!

Project Specs
Pattern: Vintage Velvet Scarf from Scarf Style by Interweave Knits
Yarn: 5 balls of Muench Touch Me colour Olive
Started: 1st September 2005
Finish: 15th September 2005 (This includes felting. The actual knitting component was completed on 11th September 2005.)

Amelia actually asked me to model the scarf for her before sending it back, but I didn't really want to do that. I would get more joy if she posted a photo of herself wearing it, which hopefully she will do. This scarf has generated much interest amongst my friends. Although I already have a Touch Me scarf in my possession for some reason this scarf got more than the usual quota of ooo's and ahhh's. My friend Tam has actually ordered some of this yarn to make herself a vintage velvet scarf. Usually quite a thrifty knitter, she just could not resist when she saw and felt Amelia's scarf.

I have also read that alot of people suffer with worming when they are knitting this yarn. This did not affect me at all, although I had to regularly put an elastic band around the ball and hang it to remove the kinks and twists. The felting process was quite interesting though. When I removed the scarf from the washing machine it felt, looked and smelled like a drowned rat! I was seriously worried that I might have ruined it and I was going to be buying some replacement yarn quick smart. Then I put it in the dryer and it took forever...I think it was at least an hour before you could see that it had started drying and perhaps another hour before it was really dry. The remaining clothes that were in the dryer had turned crispy by this stage. Oh well, personally I think the effort was worth it and I hope Amelia does too.


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