stitch ya neck out: from wyoming to london...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

from wyoming to london...

backyard leaves from scarf style

looks like the SYNO knitalong is coming to an end for me as i have received a beautifully made scarf by stephanie this past friday.

backyard leaves scarf is a lovely pattern, cascades of leaf motifs run along the whole scarf. i especially love the edges which resemble the shape of a leaf. the scarf is knitted in two halves and then seamed together afterwards. stephanie did a wonderful job, as you can see, the stitches are all even and nice. thank you, stephanie... i will be thinking of you whenever i have this scarf around my neck!!

turtleneck shrug

and, i have finished anna's turtleneck shrug this weekend! i think anna would appreciate having this shrug/scarf to wear for the upcoming winter in london.

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