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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Midwest Moonlight

I actually have started working on the Midwest Moonlight scarf for Bethieee for the SYNO swap. I've actually made more progress than is shown here, but couldn't be bothered to stop watching the US Open to take photos.

Sorry for the wonky angle of that photo. My attempt at making the photo interesting got away from me. This was actually the least "make me a little dizzy" angle of the bunch.

This is a very simple pattern, almost too simple, as you do repeats of knitting 8 and YO/decreasing on the right side, and then repeats of 7 purls and 9 knits on the wrong side and if you aren't paying attention, it's pretty easy to do the wrong counting. At least it is if you are a counter like I am. So I keep trying to go on cruise control, when in reality, you do need to pay at least some moderate attention to what you are doing.

The great thing about the scarf is it looks the same on both sides. I love a scarf that doesn't have a wrong side. And the yarn is divinely soft wrapped around your neck.


At 09 September, 2005 07:07, Blogger bethieee said...

It's lovely!


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