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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Interlocking Balloons complete

Interlocking Balloons is done! This is the scarf I knit for Kris. As you know, Kris is one of our lovely hostesses, so I was extra careful to make sure my knitting was up to spec.



Pattern: Interlocking Balloons by Shirley Paden from Scarf Style
Yarn: Baby Silk from Du Store Alpakka, 3.5 skeins
Gauge: Not sure exact gauge, but used Clover Bamboo, Size 5, 24" circular.

The balloon pattern is quite smart. The knit stitches are maintatined over the course of the pattern, but the number of purl stitches between them change, and that creates the balloons. After 1 repeat, I figured out what was going on, and after 2-3 repeats, I didn't have to check the chart at all. Its just complex enough to be interesting.


A good wet blocking is really needed to open up this pattern. I laid it flat to dry, and pulled the balloon edges out by hand, no pinning. The final post-blocking fabric is gorgeous and drapey. The silk content of this yarn gives the scarf a nice weight. and its sooo soft. I can just imagine Kris wearing it all winter.

It will be on its way back to Norway soon!


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