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Monday, August 29, 2005

Pure soft luciousness

I received the gorgeous Prime Alpaca from Diana a few weeks ago and have been stroking it ever since. Even the husband has been told that he needed to stroke the yarn to see how soft it is. He agreed that it is extraordinarily soft. This is in fact just a ploy, as I shall be using it as an excuse for buying some of this yarn for myself some time soon in the future.

It is a real pleasure to knit with which probably explains why I have been racing up the first sleeve.
Trust me, if you could touch this, you would be oohhing and ahhing too. What am I making? The Turtleneck shrug of course. I am hoping that it comes out really well as I really want to do justice to this yarn.

Oh, and as Kris told me when I asked, you don't really need a 30cm circular to do this, it works just fine on a 40cm and based on my previous use of 30cm circulars for another project, the 40cm ones hurt the hands a lot less too.


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