stitch ya neck out: it's getting closer

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

it's getting closer

well, the day is drawing closer when we will be sending out the all important information on where to send your yarn and you can all begin eagerly checking the post for a package.

just a couple of quick reminders. the first major date to remember is swap kickoff - august 1st. you will have the name of the person who will be knitting your scarf by then. so in order to give us enough time to pair people up we are closing the swap to new people wanting to join at midnight this sunday the 24th of july greenwich mean time. after which we unfortunately can't take on anyone else.

to everyone who has already joined there are still a few of you who haven't sent through your address and scarf information. we will need this back by midnight tuesday 26th of july greenwich mean time. if you don't get this to us on risk missing out, and we would hate to see that happen.

for people who have picked out their yarn and wish to show it off, feel free to post here or link to your own blog - because i am sure everyone will want to see what people are going to be making and with what. so don't be shy and please feel free to post.

in the meantime, happy scarf choosing and yarn shopping!


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